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The village of Varpaisjärvi, in the northern Savonia region of Finland, is the home of the Mirka collection. In the center of the village, in an artisan workshop brimmed with fabrics, buttons and joy of creation, the products evolve from ideas into planning and design.

The business got started in the 1990's, when Mirka's fascination with grandma's treasures and vintage pieces from attics lead her into starting her own secondhand store, and later into a clothing line that is genuine in its set of values, and respects the things of the past.

When selecting and turning the materials into high quality Mirka products, three guidelines are followed: beauty, durability and usability. Carefully selected fabrics are washed and tested for use in the workshop in Varpaisjärvi.

The Mirka collection is thoughtfully complemented with new products: all development takes place in Varpaisjärvi, with manufacturing in the Savonia region by professional dressmakers who love their work.

The emphasis of the planning of the Mirka collection is on respecting the old, while embracing the comforts of the modern age. Ecological thinking and the charm of vintage go hand in hand in these timeless pieces.

The following categories in our product tags tell consumers about the origin of the materials that we use:

Household recycling -Clothes and home textiles from households, recycled and sorted by companies such as Tekstiilikierrättäjät (a textile recycling organization)


  Factory leftovers -Cutting remnants, remainders of fabric bolts, and other unused material from clothing factories and dressmakers


 Unique treasures -The most beautiful and rare pieces of material that are only sufficient for 1-2 products. These are generally flea market finds or purchases from customers. Often print fabrics from 1950's to 1970's, or vintage found from attics.


 New materials -To guarantee high quality in our products we occasionally also use new materials, for example zippers and new filler material for winter jackets.